Wireless Education Arena

Wireless Education Arena

By : Michael Mundrane, CIO and Vice Provost, University of Connecticut
Realizing How a Digital and Design Society Plays, Learns, and Lives

Realizing How a Digital and Design Society...

By : Michael Mathews, CIO, Oral Roberts University
Reallocating Scarce Resources to Improve Infrastructure Reliability

Reallocating Scarce Resources to Improve...

By : Elena Pokot, Asst. VC of Instructional, Communication and IT & CIO, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater
The Revolutionizing Education Space

The Revolutionizing Education Space

By : Robert Renaud, VP & CIO, Dickinson College

High Performance Computing-Our Path to Success

By : Joe Gargiulo, CIO, Southern Methodist University
Challenges And Changing Trends For CIOs in the Higher Education Industry

Challenges And Changing Trends For CIOs in...

By : Dena Speranza, CIO, Denison University
GPPMO: Maximizing Collaborative Decision Making and Successful Projects

GPPMO: Maximizing Collaborative Decision...

By : Michael Hites, CIO, University of Illinois system
Cheerleader and Defender: Expanding Roles of the CIO

Cheerleader and Defender: Expanding Roles...

By : Dan Ewart, VP for Infrastructure and CIO, University of Idaho
Top 10 Digital Solution Providers 2017

Digital Solution Special