YouBthere: Comprehensive Digital Learning and Student Engagement

Christopher Revord, Founder & CEO
The adoption of digital technologies in the educational space has been slow compared to the healthcare sector. It takes educational institutions 18 months or longer to evaluate and adopt new digital technologies, as opposed to 6 weeks in the healthcare sector. YouBthere Founder and CEO, Christopher Revord, understands this challenge. He says, “It’s tricky because there are a lot of technologies coming at them. But the value, power, and relevance of these digital technologies and applications emphasize the need to find a better and more efficient way to evaluate them.”

However, the challenges facing educational institutions go beyond the evaluation and adoption of new digital technologies. Student engagement and improved learning outcomes are major concerns in today’s educational environment and the old methods of passive learning no longer suffice. Universities are under significant pressure to validate their path and their fee structure when the livelihoods and success rates of their students are at stake. “If the university is struggling and their GPA, graduation rate, and retention rates aren’t high, how can they justify their tuition fees?” says Revord.

The key is to be able to evaluate students’ progress sooner and better. Rather than waiting for the GPA to appear at the end of a course, YouBthere has developed software that evaluates students proactively throughout the learning process. Revord calls this “learning analytics.” The key is to make use of decisional data or personalized decisions made by the student, with the results being unique to each student. Revord says, “I consider us to be at the forefront of implementing learning analytics because we have the functionality to do it. We have successfully created many of the interactive features to make learning analytics possible.”

Through enhanced engagement, we can increase graduation rates, retention rates, and overall educational outcomes

What makes YouBthere stand out among the competition is they are solely dedicated to the educational space. When founded in 2012, YouBthere had a focus on the conference space and polling, but Revord realized the solutions for the educational and conference spaces could not co-exist. In 2015, Revord revamped YouBthere and they now offer their Ei3 solution with its multiple robust interactive features, including digital student engagement, learning analytics, and end-of-course surveys, at a price that is 70 percent lower than their competitors.

YouBthere has made the learning environment more engaging and functional. One of the most impressive and popular features is their Automatic Grade Book Posting. “Quizzing and testing can be done digitally and grading can be completed and posted within seconds of test completion, saving instructors and their assistants hours of time traditionally spent grading,” adds Revord. Aside from this, YouBthere can assess a student’s everyday learning decisions and other variables, evaluating whether a student needs help well before they receive their grade. With this information, YouBthere can send out alerts to students, instructors, and advisors and take a proactive approach to improving a student’s GPA.

Ei3 is not a replacement for the standard GPA grading system. It’s a form of measurement to help a student focus on what the instructor is trying to convey and improve the GPA. Revord explains, “I certainly have a vision, trying to enhance the educational experience within the coursework environment. That’s unique to us. We think it's important to personalize the student educational experience within the classroom and online environment."