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Top 10 Digital Solution Providers 2017

A part from healthcare, defense and industry, advancing digital technologies are transforming the performance of the educational sector as well. Digital learning solutions have been developed to make the classroom environment more participatory and informative, with increased access to rich multimedia content. Social networking, gamification, and new multimodal education processes are being utilized to assist teaching and learning. Educators and students are being enabled to customize digital learning to foster better academic performance according to each learner’s interests and capability. The digital learning tools utilize agile and instructional designs which benefit administrators and teachers as well by enabling easier measurement and analysis of learner outcomes through continuous evaluation. After carefully examining a multitude of good digital solution providers in the educational field for their strengths and capabilities, a team of distinguished CIOs, CEOs, analysts and the Education Technology Insights editorial board has shortlisted the best among them. This edition of Education Technology Insights features companies with high expertise in educational technology solutions that help institutions enhance student-teacher collaboration and foster improved learning, assisting educational institutions to keep track of rapidly evolving educational technologies. We present to you Education Technology Insights’ "Top 10 Digital Solution Providers - 2017."

    Top 10 Digital Technology Companies

  • Develops e-learning solutions to create, maintain and publish interactive content and personalized learning materials

  • Partners with the global education community, government agencies and corporations to drive learner and institutional success by leveraging innovative technologies and services

  • Provides software and services higher education institutions need to enhance operations and enrich the student experience

  • Offers a suite of advanced software applications and services to support all stages of e-publication process

  • Educomp


    Provides e-Learning tools directed towards students, schools, and governmental vocational classes

  • Edutech


    Offers digital learning solutions and services to enhance learning in classrooms libraries, school, college, vocational laboratories, corporate and industrial training centers

  • Impelsys


    Offers a secure customizable, and scalable learning management platform


    Provider of K-12 education through digital solution that helps users interact with technology, media and digital resources in real-world situations

  • MMS Education

    MMS Education

    Provides tools to help you create, enhance, track, and analyze your education programs and initiatives

  • PowerSchool


    Enables you to manage compliance, intervention, and all special education services using one powerful, fully customizable solution